1 – Itinerary

This year we had dithered – originally the call of the sun was pulling us towards Spain; then after the Brexit vote, when the exchange rate didn’t look so good, we decided on Scotand! An opportunity to see some of the sights we missed on our trip round Britain in 2011.

We had a delayed start as we delivered a Sigma 33 to Germany (the old Ephesian) for two people (Frederike and Hinnerk) we had met in the Baltic during 2015. They were desperate for a Sigma – and a baby – and, as usual, both happened at the same time. I guess we were acting as temporary foster parents to the boat!

While all this was happening, my son, Andrew, and his partner Meghann announced that we should expect a grandchild in September! So where ever we went we shouldn’t be late back!