There’s more than one way to survive a storm

Our way, somewhat tried and tested – take off the jib, remove the ensign, lower the spray hood, strap the boom to the deck, double up all warps, double them again, then close the hatch. When the wind blows nod your head wisely while looking out at the weather, and hope for the best for the next 7 hours.

Those who don’t take such precautions, or are maybe just unlucky suffer the consequences.







Others are just blessed with supreme good fortune. Look at this and see if you can spot anything odd.






Apart the the bent stanchion, not much – except this boat is usually moored on a swinging mooring just off Oban, and shortly before 1700 yesterday, in the teeth of the storm, – it was blowing a constant 50 knots – it decided to break free, manoeuvre itself three quarters of a mile across Kerrera Sound, carefully avoiding the drying rocks, sunken wrecks and moored boats, turn left into Oban Marina and then find a free finger pontoon. The guys who were out to lend assistance were just dumbfounded that there was no-one on board. It definitely is not April 1st, and the owner doesn’t have webbed feet or six fingers – just an absolutely amazing story.






Something to smile about, at last!

More photos posted.

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6 Responses to There’s more than one way to survive a storm

  1. Roy & Gill says:

    Hope the weather is improving and lifting your spirits. Just returned from the Peak District with very strong winds on the hills and hoped that you would not be at sea during all that. You have certainly had some varied weather conditions since you left. Take care!

  2. Steve Walker says:

    Wow! Self parking boats. That’s what we all need. It looks a well found boat. Nicely sloping coach roof. Who made it?

  3. Trevor says:

    Wow nice bit of parking – the owner probably could’nt have done it. Was the autohelm on?

    • vela4568 says:

      Yes, we met the owner the following day; she admits she wouldn’t have managed it!

  4. sharon pears says:

    Saw the weather on the news yesterday- thought of you getting battered about! sit back and pour yourselves a gin -it will blow itself out eventually!! – won’t it?………..

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