A tale of two cities – well, two towns really.

The journey to the Isle of Man, saw Easter Sunday at sea; and thankfully, the Easter bunny had been








We were quite looking forward to visiting Douglas Рwe both had the image of a fairly wealthy tax haven, similar to Guernsey, or even Monte Carlo! Instead, it reminded me of post war London Рbomb sites, tasteless new architecture, and an overriding air of depression. Things cheered up  though, with a trip to Laxey, on a tram, to see the famous wheel Рa fabulous piece of engineering.

Electric tram







Laxey Wheel










Actually, away from Douglas, the island wasn’t half bad; some of the anchorages were lovely; particularly Port Erin in the south west.

And so, to Bangor (NI); what a delightful place – beautifully laid-out, colourful, tidy, and full of cheerful people. We hadn’t intended coming to Ireland on this trip, as we thought we might ‘do it’ another year. What we’ve seen here certainly makes that look worthwhile.

On schedule to get to Scotland for May!

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  1. Bryony says:

    I’m disappointed that the easter bunny wasn’t wearing her onesie!

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