Easter holidays

Spent the last couple of days being real tourists: went to Llandudno, had candy floss on the pier, paddled in the sea, knotted handkerchiefs, cream teas, the lot! Louise has also spent a lot of time honing her binoculing skills (see New Oxford English Dictionary).

Put a few pics up on the Photos page; will try to add some captions when there’s time.

Off to the Isle of Man tomorrow

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2 Responses to Easter holidays

  1. Steve Green says:

    Caribbean last year, Llandudno this year… I think I know which I’d prefer!!!
    Hope you are having a good time, hope the missing pilot book from the collection doesn’t cause too many problems!

  2. Steve Walker says:

    Thank you so much Mike and Louise for inviting me to share a few days of your epic journey around that part of the coastline that I know well and love so much. Shame about the poor visibility. It was real pleasure to observe you both working Vela so efficiently and of course to share your lively company. Got a lot of video to edit now!

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