Fearsome passages?!

Met-up with Steve in Pwllheli, and planned our journey north over the next few days. He had brought a pilot book with him with the same title as this post, so we spent the evening scaring ourselves witless.

The first obstacle to negotiate was the dreaded harbour entrance, but leaving at the top of the tide was definitely the right thing to do; none of the drama from the previous occasion.

Next up was Bardsey Sound; needless to say, all the pilots put the wind up you about how careful you have to be with timing etc, but none of them agree when this is; sometimes varying by as much as 4 hours! In the end we took a vote, and still got it wrong; but it turned out to be no drama. This left us a beat up the Lleyn peninsular to Porth Dinllaen, which started in 22 knots, but finished more benignly in the dark, with virtually no wind at all.

It was an early start the next morning to catch the tide across Caernarfon Bar. The coastline was, again, shrouded in mist, but the sun quickly appeared to burn most of it away. The tide into Caernarfon was pretty awesome; so much so, that we had to take a tea break before dealing with the Swellies.

The scenery in the Menai Straits is quite stunning; I’m glad we decided to come here rather than go on to Holyhead.

Although the weather has been fantastic, pretty much since we left, the fog and mist has made coastal photography difficult. Nonetheless, we’ll soon put a few bits and pieces together on the Photos page.

Now back to the sun bathing.

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6 Responses to Fearsome passages?!

  1. Ken Jones the fireman says:

    Hello happy sailors, it was great to meet you all at Menai Bridge and to chat for a while I see you gathering on a pace well done to you. I wish you well and fair winds.


  2. Bryony says:

    Ahh.. Bangor!! I should have gone there instead this year and seen you along the way!! Sounds like lots of exciting wildlife!

  3. Trevor says:

    So Bank Holiday weekend down here – double banked on the club pontoon on a Thursday. You guys are in the right place, there will be nowhere to go in the Solent. Linda says Ben is going to Newtown! Good luck Ben. Implac is primed to leave the river.

  4. Ruth says:

    Mike, & Louise…… following your adventure with great interest and enjoying your updates so much ! As a “land lubber” I am even looking up the lingo !!! Enjoy yourselves …… xxx More piccies please !!

    Mrs Grossett

  5. Kevin crumpler says:

    I was watch leader for probably 4000 miles onnVela for two Fastnets and many cross channel races
    It is great to know the boat is being challenged in a different way
    All the best
    Let us know when you are on the South Coast
    Great boat always felt safe
    Kevin Crumplet

  6. Son and Heir says:

    so no sign of slowing down then? i still fully expect you here by my birthday…(july, to the non-related). puffins are pretty sweet! did you try one on the bbq? taste pretty good i reckon…house is much better re-arranged, we went for black paint and white carpets during the make-over! kiwi gets some milk, only very occasionally as she is so very fat in the middle and mojo still doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, where he is or even that he’s a cat. the sun in out pretty much the whole time now here and meg and i are off to amsterdam on monday!!

    meghann and tudor say hi…


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