1 down 3 to go

I had always imagined the journey would really begin after we had turned the first corner, at Lands End; away from what has become familiar territory.

Our journey from Cornwall to Wales couldn’t have been more of a contrast to the previous week; we were escorted from Falmouth by a school(?) of dolphins, out into a steadily building breeze – something we hadn’t seen since leaving the Solent.

Short-tacking around Lands End in bright sunny weather was just perfect – what chance the other 3 corners will be the same?

With a NWerly breeze of between 10 and 18 knots we were cracked off enough to make it a fast, comfortable sail – made all the more exhilarating by the arrival of fog as night fell. Thank God for AIS; what a brilliant investment! I don’t know who invented it, but if anyone knows his e-mail address, let me have it please, so I can send it to the Belgian Fisheries Ministry.

The fog cleared from time to time, but descended in earnest as we neared the Welsh coast; so much so that we arrived in Milford Haven without sighting land!

Andrew tells me we should slow down; something we fully intend.

One down!

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4 Responses to 1 down 3 to go

  1. Trevor says:

    As reported by Blackberry Messenger earlier, have now scouted Belfast Loch for you, both from the air and by road on the North side. The Taxi driver said that Carrickfergus Sailing Club is a great place to go and that they let in “members of the public”.
    You should be able to avoid the Police road blocks with Vela too!
    Happy Northgoing

  2. Annette says:

    Hi, so this is ‘Blogging’ is it!….’sailing round the British Isles in a
    small craft’
    Being a bit of a luddite this is new ground for me.Good to see you got off
    to a flying start round Land’s End. John has been
    working over Bristol on Friday, Pembrokeshire, St Brides Bay on Sat and
    Monmouth Chepstow area today so you were a mere speck in the ocean from
    8000ft but i n the same neck of the woods!
    We’re of to sunnier climes on Saturday hope it’s as warm in Amalfi as it
    is here.
    Just think only 3 weeks til you go to the hairdressers, Louise, luxury.

    Love McGrandles xx

  3. Steve Walker says:

    Solva is worth a visit but difficult without a bilgekeeler, although I managed it in a Magnum 21 trimaran (just). Friendly harbour master. If you’re past St Brides Bay already, as you seem to be flying round, call in a New Quay in Cerridigion, not Newquay in Cornwall. Also not far north east of there is Aberaeron. All around Cardigan Bay are picturesque places like Aberdovey and the further north you get the more stunning is the scenery. Don’t rush. I’d really like to nip out somewhere along here to join you for a bit. Keep posting.

  4. The Meakins says:

    When you contact the Belgian Fisheries , suggest they equip their boats with GPS as well as AIS – they were obviously lost and a long way from home.
    As indeed are you! ( the long way bit , not lost!) Looking forward to seeing photos of puffins on Skomer – and if I recall , after dark you get millions of shearwaters flying in , if it is the breeding season this early.
    Have fun!

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