Where’s the sun screen?

After two days cooped up waiting for the rain and wind to abate, it was good to be sailing – albeit briefly; not far along the Dorset coast the wind played hide and seek. We persevered, but eventually the Cornish seaside got the better of us. Louise got out her bucket and spade, and I went to look for a hat saying, ‘Kiss me quick’.

The upside, of course, has been the stunningly beautiful weather; far too nice to hurry – just as well, as it took us 2 hours to cover 5 miles this morning.

You may have noticed our lack of communication, but you should remember, they only have the internet on Fridays in Cornwall – what chance in Wales, I wonder?

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One Response to Where’s the sun screen?

  1. Jane Gower says:

    How’s it going? Are you still in Falmouth? I can’t think of anything sensible or interesting to say about sailing so I’ll just have to send best wishes. The week in Tenerife was good but on the whole we prefer Gran Canaria.
    Louise – pop back for coffee, you can always get back to the boat by train or something..

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