Back home?!

We sit here in Burgstaaken, which really feels like our second home, ready to be lifted out in the morning; and, as usual, there is more than a tinge of sadness, mixed with the eager anticipation of seeing family and friends. Before all that we have the yearly ritual of rubbing down the hull, in order to do a reasonable impression of the Black & White Minstrels; then winterising anything which holds water – it freezes up here – and generally putting the boat to bed for the next 6 months.

Our sailing exploits concluded in good style. From Copehagen we desperately tried our best to keep up with Philip and Lynda on our journeys to Rodvig, Stubbekobing, and finally Svendborg, from where they made a hasty dash for Kiel in order to catch some rare easterlies for the journey back to the UK. We meantime spent a few days in Svendborg with Morten and Boletta Havlys, who we had first met in Estonia. They kindly acted as both hosts and tour guides for a pleasant journey around the surrounding area.

Ever wonder what happens to old boats?

Ever wonder what happens to old boats?

It’s a short hop from Svendborg to Marstal, a very old seaport on Aero, with a long history of ship building – I am not a museum person, but the one at Marstal is brilliant – I recommend it to you. We did have thoughts to travel further west to the Schlei, but the pending forecast for some strong easterlies soon put paid to that idea; so, from Marstal we made south for the German coast, and eventually east to Fehmarn. Since arriving here the wind has howled incessantly, so we think we made the right decision!

We should get back in time for (most of) the Rugby World Cup – hooray I hear Louise shouting; then I guess it’s Winter Series, Christmas, and before you know it we’ll be packing the car for Germany again!

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