Capital stuff!

Well, we’ve achieved what we initially set out to do, in getting to Stockholm; made all the more special because it is such a lovely place. Like Karlskrona, it’s a city of islands connected by a multitude of bridges and/or ferries, and the atmosphere is lively without being oppressive. There are three major routes into Stockholm, and we chose the back door – instead of heading south to clear Landsort, we turned north – inland! This took us up to Sodertalje where we locked into Lake Malaren, west of Stockholm. This is an inland, freshwater sea, riddled with islands; but somewhat softer and greener than those to which we have become accustomed; it reminded us a little of Scotland. It was in Scotland where we ‘think’ we saw a sea eagle – here we saw two sea eagles, and an osprey, for sure! Malaren is equally blessed with quiet anchorages and pretty little towns; none more so than Mariefred.

Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred

Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred







The journey east takes you through some scintillating scenery; and as you get closer to Stockholm, the waterside properties become very classy indeed.

On the last lap you have to negotiate two opening bridges and a lock, which in typical Swedish fashion are timed to perfection – if you have a typical Swedish yacht with a 150hp Volvo Penta engine! Poor Vela’s ancient version was treated very unfairly as we literally raced to catch the last bridge; but catch it we did, and immediately you are into the heart of the city with its wonderful vistas.








As you would expect, Stockholm has something for every taste – plenty of pretty blonde girls, a million restaurants and bag loads of culture – a museum for every day of the month; perhaps the most famous of which is the Wasa museum – named after the ship of the same name, which did a Mary Rose ie. sank on her maiden voyage. The main difference being that when they raised her 333 years later, she was pretty much intact.

HMS Wasa

HMS Wasa








Complete with complete skeletons, clothes, and even sails!

This museum, however, has to play second fiddle to the true jewel, which attracts fanatical pilgrims from all around the world.










After the hurly-burly of the city, it’s now back to the serious art of relaxation, and the Stockholm archipelago.

This week we made the decision to over-winter the boat in Baltic Germany, so we now have two months of slow sailing.





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6 Responses to Capital stuff!

  1. jane gower says:

    I’ve tried to leave one or two comments but then they don’t appear on the website – maybe there’s a drivel filter somewhere?
    Anyway, one more try – I’m glad you’re having a good time, it all looks wonderful.
    We’ve had a lovely sunny July and are hoping the weather doesn’t break before our trip to Cornwall at the end of August.
    I hope Andrew got home safely, so much to catch up on when you’re back Louise.
    I’m confused about leaving the boat in Germany, won’t that make things difficult?

  2. jane gower says:

    It all sounds idyllic and lovely.
    Leave the boat in Germany though? How will that work? Will you have to walk home?
    I was going to email you, Louise, so that all your sailing friends won’t read my slightly nerdy post..
    All going ok here, we’ve had a heatwave for the last couple of weeks, everything’s looking very dry. I think it’s cooling slightly now though, something of a relief.
    Ken’s coming to work for us in a month or so when he can get everything sorted with leaving mainside.
    When shall I expect you home (as my mother would’ve said)?
    Bfn, J

  3. phillippa pountain says:

    Oh wow that scenery looks just amazing and so calm! is it still expensive on the food and drink front….2 months dallying around sounds just wonderful certainly beats the hustle and bustle of the M3….love p x

  4. Trevor says:

    Feel the need to comment as there are not enough people doing it this trip! So, I an expecting to be getting the prize for the best commenter…….

  5. Bertrand says:


    Sophie’s parents did that trip a couple of years agao and they left their boat during the winter in Barth (Germany) at a cheap price. Could probably find the name of the yard if you are interested.


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