……and here is the area forecast for…..

The week before we were due to leave, everyone took pleasure in telling us what a wonderful forecast we had for getting to the Baltic; and buoyed by this we began to dream of a single hitch to Lowestoft, a days rest, then on to Holland, etc, etc.
Mmm……….First day we overslept, and for our penance, spent the next 12 hours beating into a light easterly. By the time we had got past Brighton, and were down below 8 knots, we decided enough was enough, and baled out into Newhaven.
The following day, the much predicted SWesterly arrived; along with the
unpredicted rain; so we dithered – we don’t do rain. Eventually, though, our consciences got the better of us, and as we hastily put to sea, the rain disappeared; and as we scooted along in the 20 knot breeze, the clouds rolled back to produce an unexpected sunny day. Our rhumb line course was dead downwind, so we settled for sailing higher angles, and managed to time the gybes to good effect. Of course, all this energetic sailing takes it’s toll on ageing frames, and thoughts of keeping this up through the night quickly evaporated. As we approached Dover, the boat just seemed to turn left into the harbour.
The forecast was beginning to take on that all too familiar, menacing appearance; and with the prospect of rain in the morning, we slept without the aid of an alarm clock.
The forecast hadn’t really improved overnight, but there definitely seemed to be less wind north of the Thames; so if we could get up to Harwich, there was a chance we could progress further. So another rude start to the day meant it was the third day in a row without a proper breakfast!
All went well, with the SWesterly steadily building, and the boat humming. We had been racing the storm clouds along the Kent coast, and managing to stay dry; but as we approached Ramsgate we got our just desserts. By this time it was pretty windy; and the prospects of the Thames Estuary – and doing the last bit in the dark – was too much for us; so Ramsgate it was – despite having vowed never to return; but as they say, any port in a storm.
Today we stuck to our word; it was raining when we woke, so we stayed in bed! Good decision, as it’s been a vile day.
Tomorrow might just be do-able, but the weekend does not look encouraging; and the forecasts are far too fickle to even contemplate next week.
Hey, ho! Watch out, Ramsgate.

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4 Responses to ……and here is the area forecast for…..

  1. Trevor says:

    Well someone has to be first!
    Surprisingly HRSC is surviving with out Mike, though it is only the first week.
    We too have bailed out into Dover but have not had the pleasure as they say of Ramsgate.
    Happy sailing….

  2. John N says:

    Hi Mike and Louise
    It looks as if the weather will be much better for a while albeit with a possible shortage of wind. A good opportunity for a flat North Sea.
    I am a fan of the Dutch canals, so my option with dubious weather would have been to cross to Niewport from Dover and then on to Flushing. Thence the inland seas northwards. Yours is a braver route!

  3. Donna Gray says:

    Hi Mike and Louise
    Great to hear how you are getting on. Taking the weather into consideration I think you have done jolly well. I hope these depressions disappear soon and you can continue on your way.
    Looking forward to our trip westwards starting on 25 May.
    Take care, Love Donna

  4. Jan & Ian Le Maitre says:

    That was a treat reading progress so far, well done getting so far already in such weather. There’s nothing like Ramsgate to spur you on to the next port! Fingers crossed for a break today so that you too can celebrate being Liberated! Xx

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