Here comes the sun (again)

Thankfully, the weather was kind for our journey north, back to the UK; kind to us in that we suffered few withdrawal symptoms, and kind for the wedding we attended. I know weddings are special things, but the warm weather and sunshine makes them more memorable for all. It must be easier for the bride to smile radiantly, and the groom to appear completely relaxed – certainly Kate’s smile was for all to see, and Jimmy was almost horizontal. Well done to them both!

Mr &Mrs McGrandle

Mr & Mrs Otto


……and being able to share the weekend with the children made the whole journey doubly worthwhile.
So it was back to France, and the hard grind of finding enough shade and sun cream, as I’m pleased to report the sun had not done a runner in our absence.
We are now on a very slow return journey; trying to drop into some of the places we missed on the way down, or re-visiting those we enjoyed. Hence we are in Quiberon Bay, where we stopped at Hoedic, which was beautiful, despite the 50 other boats anchored off the same small beach; and been up to La Trinite, which was dreadful. We plan to return to the islands (Hoedic, Houat and Belle Ile) on Monday after a forage on the mainland for gas etc; and I am pleased to say the forecast looks stunning!

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