It’s always such a relief!

Ready at last

Ready at last

When you announce to the world that you’ll be leaving on a set date, you absolutely have to do it. So after a busy 2 month period getting the boat sorted for a trip to somewhere warmer (?!), we endured a frantic 72 hour period doing our best to submerge poor Vela; but at 1600 on 29th we finally cast off. We had only ever intended to get away from Hamble so after 2.5 hours beating into 18 knots, we put into Yarmouth, totally shattered. We’ll sort one or two of the things we didn’t quite finish, then push on SW, I think, before crossing to Brittany. Sun is shining!

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One Response to It’s always such a relief!

  1. Trevor says:

    Well done making it to Yarmouth! Missed a great head foil changing session on Festina, almost like it was planned!!
    Hope you’ve got all those cartons of milk safely accross the Channel.
    Pleased to be the first comment.

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